Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Tree 12"

Here's a song we like to listen to when all our commuters are safely at home relaxing with a glass of hot port.

Not much is known about Family Tree the group here @ the Dublin Bus Towers other than the song Family Tree rocks our world mega time. Disco wailer Sharon Brown of 'I Specialize In Love' fame sings on it. She threw a bit of production at it too apparently.

Quite a few completely pointless re-edits have been done of this tune. One of which has been done by yours truly actually. All I did was put the drum break @ the beginning so dj's could mix it & I extend the intro a little because it's so infectious it deserves a bit more of the limelight. "...verses, choruses, giz a shot of your limelight m8!"

I remember reading somewhere that an original promo copy of the Family Tree 12" sold for over a thousand $$$. Mad shit. Apparently the bootleg copies have sold for a lot too in the past. This is the 2008 Booton Records bootleg. They also booted early house tune by 'Z-Factor', 'I Am The DJ' [written by Jesse Saunders & produced by Vince Lawrence - son of Mitchbal Records owner Nemiah Mitchell] on a nice red slab of vinyl with 3 different versions on. Tasty.

The booton bootlegs are pretty much the only way to get any of these songs without dishing out big $$$.

Family Tree also have a song called 'The Caves' [which is for the most part truly awful] which we've been editing here recently @ the Dublin Bus Towers. Still sounds a bit Three Musketeers though. We'll post it if we manage to extract it's inherent funk.

Original [brand new link]
Dublin Bus Extension [brand new link]

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