Monday, August 11, 2008

Hot Chocolate - Mindless Boogie Original '79 version & 2006 re-edit

Here at the Dublin Bus Towers we first heard this crazy little slice of spacey deep disco about a year or so ago. Somebody out there [Dirk De Ruyck from Eskimo recordings and a lad that goes by the name of Tonic according to] thought this track so sublime, they / he would re-edit it to nearly three times it's original length, beef up the bass, fry up the treble, and name an edits label after it. With the re-edit being it's first release. Fair play lads. Great tune. Before this I hadn't given Hot Chocolate much of a chance having only really known them for their "...I believe in miracles..." effort.

One of those tracks you can never quite work out when the appropriate time for it to be played is though. Fantastic nonetheless. The Mindless Boogie label has gone on to release many more baleari-tastic songs in all their re-edited glory. Discogs has info on all the subsequent releases.

Original [brand new link]
Edit [brand new link]

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