Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pigmeat Markham - Here Comes The Judge

So 10 of these bad boys arrived yesterday - the result of an over-excited bus driver's ebay purchase.

Dublin Bus had previously been aware of this reissues label since nabbing a copy of uber classic northern soul tune 'Since I Found My Baby' by 'The Metros' they had reissued. Although it's existence as a label soon slipped out of Dublin Buses collective consciousness dinnit.

That was until one of our drivers discovered they had reissued 'Here Comes The Judge', by 'Pigmeat Markham'.

Pigmeat Markham was a singer / entertainer / comedian born in Carolina [USA] in 1904 who by the 50's had become one of black americas most popular entertainers. 'Here Comes The Judge' was released in '68 on Chess Records.

Hip Hop heads have been known to debate who the first rapper on record was, usually referencing releases like Sugarhill Gang's 'Rappers Delight' & the Fatback Band's 'King Tim III (Personality Jock)', both of which came out in '79. Pigmeat doesn't quite rap on this cut but he certainly comes close.

Songs about court cases hold a special place in my heart, as do songs about food & [pre 1990] songs about $$$.

This one is certainly a favourite.

Here Comes The Judge [brand new link]

The flip-side with 'My Babe' by 'Little Walter & His Jukes' on it is also soon to be posted. A sweet little 2 an' a half minute upbeat blues ditty.


Miguel said...

awesome stuff!
I'm diggin every post.

Dublin Bus Disco said...

cheers man, lots of great stuff on yours too ; )