Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2 For Joy - Pure Ecstatic Energy

The recent Clone Records mailing list email began with this [sic] :

" here a thought that just popped up while making this list... kind of a message for all those mp3 kids who want more and more new music!!! For many buyers and dj's records seem to be old after 2 or 3 weeks... they seems to have an unstoppable urge for the latest and exclusive music no matter if its good, as long as its exclusive & new. And if its in today, its to late because they needed it yesterday before their mate had a copy.
We really don't give a shit about that fast consumption of music... We don't really like the trend of records being out of style or being 'old'!!! If you sell some wack shit... then its old and out of date before it even came in, if its hot then its still hot next month and the month after and most people still haven't heard it anyway... So who are you fooling?? You are running around like a chicken with no head!! you stupid mp3 kid ;-) I would say...keep on searching for your holy grail... and forget the quick rush of new new new! Its only the journalist that needs new new new, otherwise they'll lose their job, but we as music lovers & record buyers don't give a shit.. right?

well... now i've got that off my chest lets go on with what we are here for ;-) "

As I was planning to post this tune from 1991 I thought I'd copy & paste this little spiel + then swiftly illustrate his point with this 17 year old banger.

Each of the mixes on this 12" are pretty good but this is my favourite.

Some proper old school hardcore massive!

Complete with typical horrible early 90's graphic design!

The mp3 doesn't really do it justice, the 12" is much punchier + generally better sounding.

2 For Joy - Pure Ecstatic Energy [Such Blues & Greens Mix]

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