Monday, November 3, 2008

I ain't afraid of no ghost !

Just back from Edinburgh where I got myself a promo copy of the Ghostbusters 12" !! It's such a good film, with perhaps the best theme of all time?

Here it is in all it's 5 + a half minute glory. I'm including the dub for those who like to lose themselves in what has come to be known as ghostbuster boogie.

Ray Parker Jr. was taken to court by Huey Lewis in 1985 for ripping off his song 'I Want A New Drug' for the ghostbusters theme. In 1995 they settled out of court. Then in 2001 Parker sued Lewis for breaking the confidentiality agreement that had been part of the original settlement.

Here I've included the Huey Lewis song. It has to be said Ray ripped it off pretty blatantly. Ah well, who gives a bolox? Nobody that's who. The ghostbusters theme is far, far better.

Ray Parker Jnr - Ghostbusters
Ray Parker Jnr - Ghostbusters Dub
Huey Lewis & The News - I Want A New Drug

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