Friday, November 14, 2008

Washington DC presents : Kid Gusto

I discovered this guy a while back & thought he must be on the verge of becoming pretty big. He may be well known in his locale & around the States but he doesn't seem to be known much internationally. Well rats to that good sir I say he bloody well should be! Chopping up breaks hasn't sounded so fresh in a long time!

He brings a unique touch to sampling, mixing up reggae, funk, jazz, hip hop, world music etc. He is also a very talented multi-instrumentalist, with percussion being his forte.

The 2 songs here are examples of his sample-based bootleg vinyl releases. 'Rule That Train' is a beastie boys sampling reggae breaks jam. 'Part Deux' uses silky smooth Rhodes piano. Mmmmmmmmmm.

If you like what you hear keep an eye on his myspace for free dloadable edits/mash-ups.

Kid Gusto - Rule That Train
Kid Gusto - Part Deux

Buy his tunes! His debut LP 'KG Originals' can be bought here.

Kid Gusto Myspace

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