Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Loui$ - Pink Footpath

Italo number 'Magic Dance' by Loui$ came out in Italy in '85 on a label called Blow Up Disco. The instrumental on the flip was renamed Pink Footpath & is one of those annoying instrumentals that still has vocals on it. Dire vocals at that. I've cut them out of the version here apart from some not-too-terrible wails at the very end. It recently appeared on the bootleg compilation 'Balearica vol 3'. I think the only way to be sure if a tune is balearic or not is to ask a dj with a beard. If he doesn't know...

To skip the countdown timer on zshare downloads:

clear the address bar
paste this script :
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Loui$ - Pink Footpath

1 comment:

Matthew Miracle said...

Great song! I noticed that the zshare link is busted (kinda old, I know). Could you be amazing and hook me up with this track? Being a DJ too, I gotta get that 320kbps goodness.

Matthew Miracle