Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clifton Dyson - She's A Playgirl

Dublin Bus present Clifton Dyson's "She's A Playgirl" from 1983. The original 12" version + the Disco Beard edit. Sleezy 80's disco @ it's finest. The edit was on the Beardism LP last year which was made available for free dload by a certain Scotland based Cork boy!

As you can see the label of the 12" has all sorts of stamps + writing on it but the grooves are aquafresh! I prefer the edit though 'coz it builds so nicely + is much more DJ friendly. If only somebody would sort out the wavs on their myspace page...ahem... How does free travel sound...? ; )

Clifton Dyson - She's A Playgirl
Clifton Dyson - She's A Playgirl [Polegirl Edit]

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DJ BWYSE said...

Thanks for linkin up. Dub Disco Beard Massive Unit.


Dublin Bus Disco said...

no worries, keep it up ; )

Lady Blacktronika said...

This is great. Thanks for sharing. Sharing is caring. LOL.

Dublin Bus Disco said...

thanks lady b, i checked out your edits, good stuff! need to listen again, might have to nag some wav copies off of you ; )