Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Range - UFO Encounter Edit

I gone done a quick re-edit of an mp3. Couldn't help myself, it needed it so much. The good bits were so good but the bad bits made it unlistenable. The quality of the re-encoded mp3 is crap, as can be expected, but not as crap as I thought it would be. I just bought the 12" here so I'll edit that when it arrives. For the time being this one is unlikely to stand up "in da club" as 50 says, but fock it I might give it a whirl on Saturday anyway just for the hoop of it.

This one is for the UFO's and the lovers out there.

Range - UFO Love Encounter [DB Edit]

To skip the countdown timer on zshare downloads:

clear the address bar
paste this script :
javascript:var time=0
press enter.

Here's the original on YouTube. 1:40 is where the horribleness starts.

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