Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stone - Time 12"

I love hearing a record somewhere that you own + have comletely forgotten about. Greg Wilson played a snippet of this in his interview at the Red Bull academy, which you can watch here.

I'm posting both sides of this 12" because the vocal + instrumental are equally brilliant in their own right. I just love the smoky dirty groove on this, the wobbly synth hook compliments the rest of the tune so well. The vocal side has so many funky sections with different things going on you don't feel like mixing out of it 'til the very end.

Mixed in New York by Tee Scott in 1981 which pretty much means it's not full on "disco" anymore, starting to lean towards boogie. If it was 110 bpm it would be considered boogie. But who gives a shit about genre talk anyways........

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Stone - Time [Vocal]
Stone - Time [Instrumental]


Dean said...

I think of all the great disco remixers, Tee Scott's instrumentals are always just as good as the vocal versions..i've always felt that listening to disco instrumentals is like being in the presence of a ghost

Dublin Bus Disco said...

yea Dean they're incredible, just talking about that last night, instrumental dubs too that go on & on, love em.. groups going mental on their synths, love it. love the inst of You're The One For Me

Dean said...

I've just flicked thru my d-train shit and realised i don't have the instrumental of You're the one for me! I've got the copy with Francois' mix on one side and Paul Hardcastle on the other, i'm dyin to hear it! Some favourits of mine are the instr of Sparque's music turns me on (Tee Scott) and Sharon Redd's beat the street (Francois)

Dublin Bus Disco said...

I'll rip you the D Train inst tomoro homes, I'll send you it on facebook ;)

Northern soul face said...


Anonymous said...

Link is broken:(