Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glossy Edit 03 12" Burning Love + Last Night

I have so much love for this Glossy edit 12". It's sold out everywhere so I was lucky to get a copy. It didn't come cheap either, 32 euros thank you please. Worth every penny though, both sides are solid gold!

I don't usually post new releases, but it's sold out everywhere, and it's an edit 12" anyway so whoever put it out doesn't have much of a case regarding copyright or any of that lark.

Anybody have copies of the other Glossy 12"s to sell or share?

To skip the countdown timer on zshare downloads:

clear the address bar
paste this script :
javascript:var time=0
press enter.

Glossy 03 a - Burning Love
Glossy 03 b - Last Night


Rico said...

loving your blog. Especially loving the tip for skipping the wait time on zShare.

As a lover of disco you might like to try a couple of mixes of mainly classic old disco from back in the day at

Thanks again, Rico

Dublin Bus Disco said...

thanks man! going to check your stuff now ;)

drkhrse said...

These Glossy trax are the best I've heard for a few weeks. Lovely, be dropping these in Brighton soon

Midnight Man said...

hey DBD any chance of a re up of this. You would make my day and I would buy you a beer if you ever come to Cape Town. I would really appreciate it. Sincerely.