Monday, March 9, 2009

Avida - Vorrei Tanto [Alexander Robotnick]

It seems this Avida 12" I bought last year is actually a project of Alexander Robotnick's from '81 / '82. No wonder it mixes so well with Problèmes D'Amour. It would've been made with all the same gear. Listening back to this mp3 I think I might give it a little edit. I think the last 30 seconds or so would make a great intro, especially for mixing into. For more on the Avida project click here. You'll need to translate it back into Italian though if you want to fully understand it! A lot of it is "lost in translation" as we like to say these days.

Robotnick is still playing frequently today, if anybody is going to Bloc this weekend be sure to check him out. I wish I was...

Avida - Vorrei Tanto

Buy the 12" for peanuts here.


Kenny said...

Yeah, I picked up that Avida twelve for a few quid in Spin Dizzy last year. The main cut is great. Don't think it needs an edit, personally ;)

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

Ah yea, if I was to edit it I'd just make it a tad longer as it's fairly short.

I wouldn't take anything out just extend it & put the last 30 seconds or so at the start before dropping into the first verse..

It's funny a couple of years ago I was against edits & now look at me.. ;)