Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crown Heights Affair - Galaxy Of Love Edit

70's era Crown Heights Affair is what I both love & hate about a lot of music from the time. Insanely funky instrumentals with wack vocals over the top. This is why I find a lot of their songs highly editable, lots of funky sections asking to be looped alongside wack vocals waiting to be removed.

This version lasts no more than 2 minutes 15 seconds & is basically just the last minute or so looped with a few percussion loops thrown in too. Always felt this could be built on a lot but just haven't got around to it... I suppose this is what people mean when they give out about all the "lazy" edits around these days. For me it's just the good bits beside each other in a quick, playable & dj able edit.

Crown Heights Affair - Galaxy Of Love [DB Edit]

You may find the original below far better!


pipecock said...

man, i can't disagree more. i LOVE CHA, they had so many great tracks that it is mind boggling. even their completely unheralded shit is pretty dope. i play a bunch of their joints out quite regularly!

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

ha my first blog diss! I duno man, I find a lot [not all] of the vocals pretty cheesy. Another example [which you'll prob hate me for saying] is You Gave Me Love. I love the intro & the "oooh ooooh" bits, but when the verses start @ 42 seconds it turns into a cheeseball 70's track IMO...just thinking should I put my foot in it further.....?! I kind of feel the same way about some of the songs on Sure Shot. Lots of lovely little funky bits that pass by quickly & don't get repeated with lots of vox that don't really do it for me. There I said it!

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

....ahem just realised you gave me love was out in 1980..sounds 70's though