Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hott City - Ain't Love Grand Edit

I posted some Hott City tunes here recently & mentioned how I thought they could do with having the vocals removed. The LP arrived yesterday so I did just that. I think this works so much better as an instrumental, everything else about it is perfect. The bass, the percussion, keys & brass are the business. Here's the original again too so you can have vocals if you wish.

Everybody should take a look at this guys blog. It's dedicated to dissing "cosmic disco". I suppose I unwillingly fall into his view of this category given that I play a lot of disco & do a few edits. What he doesn't seem to notice though is that everybody who is "cosmic" tends to be massively into every other kind of music too. Most of what he's written is bullshit but it's worth reading for a laugh at least.

Hott City - Ain't Love Grand [DB Edit]


platinumray said...

haha, that person must secretly love 'cosmic', otherwise why bother?

i've just come across this blog. great work Louis. keep on.

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

yea, either that or is a mnml dj finding himself short of gigs