Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hott City - Ain't Love Grand

I found a stash of ones & zeros on my hard drive earlier. Beside each other they form a digital copy of the LP "Ain't Love Grand" by Hott City. The vocals on each of the tracks below are wack, but the bits in between are great. I've just bought a copy of the real thing so I'll edit most of the vox out when it arrives.

Hott City - Peaks And Valleys
Hott City - Ain't Love Grand

All this editing business reminds me of Milo's post on his blog Beyond The Stars. He talks about how disco has been sanitised for the house generation, with all the edits around these days that remove the cheesy bits. Read the full post here.

There are a few reasons I'll edit a tune. I either remove the cheese [that loses peoples attention and or turns them off the song] or I extend a certain groove that doesn't get enough focus in the original. Occasionally I go mad and cut it up beyond recognition, but in those cases it usually ends up too messy & doesn't get finished. I keep meaning to stick all the loops I have through my sampler & really go to town on them but that's a whole new project in itself.

While I agree with Milo, [I love Wang's deejaying btw] I think some songs simply have weak parts and are a lot better with them removed. That said, plenty of songs have been edited that didn't need it in the slightest. Apparently She Can't Love You by Chemise has been edited & put out on a 12". The original is perfect as it is. It's easy to mix into + has a perfect "mix out" section about 3 1/2 minutes in. There is no conceivable reason to edit it other than to make a few sly quid, or to stamp your name on it & try steal some glory. One thing I hate about a lot of edits out these days is how beefed up they are. There might be very little actual editing done to it, other than it being imported into pro tools & eq'd & compressed - "touched up for the modern dancefloor".

There are so many possible "edit arguments" ! In short, sometimes it's ok & sometimes it's not. It depends where the "editors" intentions lie I suppose.

Milo's post was published in the great FAITH fanzine which you can order free when you buy something from Rush Hour. The scan below was also published in the latest edition & is completely hilarious, every dj interview cliche you've ever read!

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