Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Radioactive Paedo On Run In Ireland

There is a radioactive paedo on the run in Ireland. FACT. I hereby award the Herald AM with the "most sensational headline ever" award.

It's like a comic book, or something from the Simpsons. I couldn't believe my eyes when I was handed this on Friday morning. To read more on this click here. Or google it. Lots of papers ran the story.

It just happens to coincide with my plan to re-up Radioactivity by Royalcash. I had it up previously, before zshare had a stroke & lost all the files hosted on it.

I cut the excellent vocoder intro from the start of the instrumental & stuck it to the start of the vocal. So all of our commuters can enjoy the best of each.

Early 80's electro rap at it's very finest. From 1983, the year so many of my favourite songs ever were released.

Royalcash - Radio Activity [Intro Edit]

"Lets jam...."