Friday, April 17, 2009

2 Wicked Versions Of How Long, Mate.

Two very different versions of a great song here. The Ace version is a nice smooth 70's yacht rock groover, and the Lipps Inc version is some nice plastic synth disco from 1980.

I gave the Lipps Inc version an edit to take the weak parts out, as I think they ruin the flow. It's also been given the edit treatment in a similar way by Scotland's Betty Botox, aka JD Twitch, one of the Optimo DJ's. Although the Botox edit, as with all Botox edits, is compressed beyond belief which I find seriously annoying. The damaging effect of timestretching is also clearly audible in the Botox edit. Anybody that uses CDJ's will know how disgusting a song will start to sound if you have it pitched way up with the master tempo switched on. This is what the botox edit sounds like, to an extent.

What I think is... if a tune needs an edit, give it an edit, rearrange it, take bits out, put bits in, do what you like, but I don't think it's ever necessary to beef the bejaysus out of it. The mindless boogie edits are always fairly beefed up, to just about an acceptable level, but so many others, with the production techniques deployed to make them, sound like they're trying to be a contemporary dancefloor number. It kind of represents a belief that people won't dance to it unless it sounds like other contemporary dancefloor music - thus beefing it up seems to be the answer for a lot of people. Record retailers call this "an update for the modern dancefloor".

This is a sad state of affairs, if a song [or edit of a song] is good people should dance to it whether the kick drum is pounding you in the chest or not. What has happened to clubbers in the last decade or so that means people don't recognise a danceworthy song unless the kick is tearing through the speakers?

Lipps Inc - How Long [DB Edit]

Ace - How Long

Btw I didn't really intend to start dissing Twitch in this post, his edits are among the most interesting around, I just disagree with some of the production techniques used in them [and the reason why they're being used]. I'd love to hear them in a simpler form, without heavy processing.


Booshank said...

Lightly does it I say. If a song needs a shit load of extra production perhaps it's not worth an edit?

alex said...

your edit reminds me of a theo parrish ugly edit - similar short loops.
i've seen the ACE version KILL on a dancefloor though, even though it's kinda slower and less dancy. check out the maurice fulton mix on - one of my favorite mixes ever. at about 5 minutes into part 2 of the mix he goes from the betty botox edit of "Spank" into Ace's "how long". hands in the air, hug your neighbour, not a dry eye in the house. thank you mossy

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

Shivers down my spine at the thought!! thanks Alex, I'm dling parts 3&4 of that mix now as pts 1 & 2 don't seem to be there anymore :( sounds amazing.

kool said...

hey there. where can i get the optimo edit of how long? or just listen to it... cheers, k.

Louis said...