Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scribble Records Back Catalogue + Bernard Shaw this Easter Sunday

Scribble Records have kindly made their entire back catalogue available for free download to all y'all commuters out there. First of all, here's a selection of my favourite Scribble releases.

Kormac - Kormac's House

Duplex Inc - Bienvenido
B.D.I. - Cherry Cherry Cherry

Below are links to download the entire Scribble back catalogue for free. Most of them are AIFF's which means unlike mp3 all the bits that should be there are there. This means it sounds how it's supposed to sound, which means you can burn it to cd & play it out without it sounding like a roll of obnoxious tinfoil.

SCRIBBLE 001 Kormac - Scratch Marchin' EP
SCRIBBLE 002 Palov & Mishkin - The Dog EP
SCRIBBLE 003 Ishfaq - The Change EP
SCRIBBLE 004 B.D.I. - The Brooklyn To L.A. E.P.
SCRIBBLE 005 Kormac - Good Lord EP
SCRIBBLE 006 Dublex Inc. - Grande Buffo EP

Irish hip-hop producer G Frequency releases his Let's Begin EP on Scribble on Monday, taken from his forthcoming Let's Begin album being released in May.

Also Kormac releases new single Show Time in May from his forthcoming debut album due for release on Scribble in November.

Both of these will be available from all good download stores.

If you're in Dublin this Easter Sunday Bodytonic host another of their infamous all day 2 room sessions in the Bernard Shaw in Portobello. It kicks off at 2pm & there'll be music inside til 1am & outside til 10pm. It's free in, everyone's sound and the music is always top notch.

There'll be DJ's representing Nightflight, Downtown Sounds, FVF Records, Stereotonic, Scribble, Radiomade and yours truly on the decks from 4-6pm so get down early righ!

Expect more of this!


Anonymous said...

gutted i missed this post, would have loved these tracks... don't suppose there's any chance of re posting them back up? if your ever around shropshire/ north wales give me a shout will have to get you for a set... olly boon facebook...

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

speak to you on facebook bro :)