Monday, May 25, 2009

3 Degrees - Jump The Gun Edit

I gave Jump The Gun by 3 Degrees an edit, just to take out the swirly strings at the start & to emphasize the stompy nature of other parts of the song. I put the verses beside each other too to keep the energy up. The 3 Degrees' eponymous LP came out in '79 & was produced by production heavyweights Giorgio Moroder & Harold Faltermeier.

3 Degrees - Jump The Gun [dublinbusdisco edit]

Here's another version of the edit I did, I've not been able to leave it alone! This one has more guitar solo.

3 Degrees - Jump The Gun [dublinbusdisco gtr edit]


I've killed the second link because I'm testing something, if you want it just let me know.

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