Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Class International - Playing

Most of the music I put up here is stuff I own, although I must admit I acquired this mp3 through dubious means. Shh, don't tell the RIAA!

First Class International - Playing

Another quality tune from 1983, this time on Cohen Records. If I had to pick a year to spend the rest of my life in, it wouldn't be a tough decision - 1983. The chorus in this is fairly cheesy but the insanely funky bassline holds the groove throughout. This baby seems pretty rare, I can't find any info whatsoever about the group or label, but if you'd like to pick it up on wax, you can get the 7" here for a mere $90.

"...and I'm not gonna put up with it"



yo brother music

that 7inch is so loud !!

very good choice

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

It's loud yea I think whoever ripped it tinkered with it in an audio program. The high end sounds a bit dodgy too.