Thursday, May 28, 2009

Payday in the DB Towers & this Sunday's Shenanigans

Ding Ding Ding! First pay cheque of the summer! Hello flights, pints, car tax & insurance, and maybe some nice new threads to get into, lest I be mistaken for a hippy - the fear!

This months money themed song is Money Talks by JJ Cale. I think JJ's music is some of the best "guitar music" around. I much prefer him to Clapton or any of those boyos. This is nice layed back BBQ stuff, perfect for the sunshine we're experiencing here in Dublin at the moment.

JJ Cale - Money Talks

It's also perfect music to listen to if you're a greasy haired accountant, speeding in your Merc, with your sweaty forehead, and your dolly bird in the passenger seat.

Aaaanyway... If you're out & about in Dublin this Sunday I'll be playing some records along with Hugo Johnson & the Bodytonic residents in the Bernard Shaw, for the next installment of their epic all day indoor / outdoor parties. If you've been to any of them before you'll know how much fun they are. Check out pictures of the Easter party here. I'll be playing down in 4 Dame Lane on Sunday night too, with TR-One, Keep Schtum & a whole bus load of other Disco Evangelists [check the poster above]. The theme is 70's / 80's New York clubs & parties such as

The Loft
The Gallery
Studio 54

Bring it on!

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