Thursday, May 14, 2009

Molumby Sells Bus Driver Steve Miller Band LP

I went to the 12 Record Fair on Sunday in the Bernard Shaw pub in Portobello where I picked up a copy of the Steve Miller Band LP - Fly Like An Eagle. Check out the blue bag of gold I had to hand over to Gerry for it!

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

You need to listen to this on a decent system to really appreciate the quality production on it.

Catch Gerry DJ ing at a club near you - recent appearances have seen him on the microphone, which we're certainly in favour of here in the Dublin Bus Towers.


The tune above is actually Fly Like An Eagle plus the spacey intro from the beginning of the LP, and just for the record it cost a very reasonable 5 Euros!



What an album. Essential Space-Rock! But lets not forget it also has the tracks 'Rock n me' and 'Take the money and run'. Humdinger!

We've 2 more copies for any other Dublin Bus Disco Staff members that might be interested.

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

Yea there's plenty of other great tunes on it, which is why music lovers should rush out & buy it ON WAX! I totally disagree with blogs that post entire albums - way not cool!

Gerry I'll say it to the boys in the garage tomorrow, they aint too keen about showing their faces round here though unfortunately ;)

eddie_bam said...

mr beatfinder rocked the shit in carlow last night.. :)

louis@dublinbusdisco said...

wicked, those northern soul nights sound great!

chewy said...

Please god tell me Gerry was singing, this I got to see.

Barry said...

managed to pick it up for €2 in amsterdam last summer, what a steal, led me to discover the other great tracks on it aswell.

actualy that shop was a must for old rock lp's, cant rememebr the name of it off hand but i have a picture of it somewhere and i'll get it there!