Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roger Troutman - Maxx Axe

Back in action y'all with this amazing P-Funk Electro Boogie number from Roger Troutman, of Zapp & Roger fame. He's the lad above singing with the talkbox. The talkbox is of course the effects pedal that makes the futuristic robot sound we all know and love, oft confused with the vocoder. Roger Troutman was the talkbox master. To think, this was recorded in 1981 with a studio full of musicians. These kind of jams just don't seem to exist anymore! Oh to be at that session...

Sadly Roger was shot dead by his brother Larry in 1999 who then shot himself. Roger paved the way for West Coast Hip Hop & sung the chorus on 2Pac's California Love [not that I like it].

Roger Troutman - Maxx Axe

This is from his LP The Many Facets Of Roger & is also on Joey Negro's recent comp Locked in the Vinyl Cellar which is well worth picking up.

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