Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sister Nancy - Only Woman DJ With Degree

I love female reggae mc's, although to my knowledge there aren't enough good ones. Sister Nancy is my favourite anyways - and guess what folks, she still performs occasionally! Man I'd love to see her live. Somebody's got to book her over here. I bought Soul Jazz's latest reggae CD recently because it had her "Only Woman DJ With Degree" on it. I had an mp3 of it somewhere on a hard drive years ago, now I've got it on plastic. I must admit I'm kicking myself though, I should've held off & got the double LP.

Sister Nancy - Only Woman DJ With Degree

If you're not that into reggae check out the Soul Jazz compilation 300% Dynamite - it must be responsible for more reggae converts than any other release ever. All the other Dynamite compilations are eh... dynamite too!

Unusual fact about Sister Nancy:
She now works full time in a bank in New Jersey.

"Talk wit dignity..."

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Anonymous said...

Nice track - LOL at the white boy with dreads in the background!!!