Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ce Ce Peniston - Finally

I've never had the balls to drop this in a set. If it didn't go down well I'd feel like such a twat! Show Me Love by Robin S is in similar tacky 90s house territory. Although there's no arguing with the bassline from Show Me Love.

Both tunes have screaming female vocals, great basslines, nice beats & tonnes of sass. We've got to admit we dig that shit here in the DBD HQ.

Ce Ce Peniston - Finally [dead link]

Possibly regarded as a commercial house classic, I'm not sure to be honest. I was too busy bleaching my hair & listening to Nirvana at the time.


Anonymous said...

definitely a classic, and even an inspiration for julie mcknight and sandy rivera when they made their own finally as kings of tomorrow. last year emynd threw rihanna's disturbia on top - it works better than you'd expect...

Katie said...

gotta love both these songs, don't be ashamed!

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cushens said...

easily drop either of them mid set... A few minutes worth anyway. My preference would definitely be for Finally though

louis::dublinbusdisco said...

I ain't ashamed! I just reckon at the wrong time either of em would warrant dirty looks! @ the right time however, tops off hands in the air action....maybe??

kenny said...

Dirty looks? be more than dirty looks you'd get...tripe. :P