Thursday, June 4, 2009

Recent changes affecting releases you've been listening to on DBD

The music on this blog is here with the intention of inspiring people to go and buy it if they like it. Like many music lovers my mp3 'collection' [for want of a more denigrating term] far exceeds my vinyl collection in quantity. This is due to the ease with which one can acquire mp3s on the internet & from friends' hard drives.

I've discovered since starting this blog that sharing your record collection with the world begins to feel kind of strange after a while. I know it sounds horribly corny but it's like giving away little pieces of yourself! I'm not saying it's a bad thing as such, just strange. With this in mind I've decided to start posting my 'vinyl wants' as well as rips of stuff I already own. For those who care, this means that some mp3s will begin to appear encoded at bitrates less than 320.

The song posted below reflects these changes. It's encoded at 192 which is my least favourite bitrate after 128. 160 seems better than 192 for some reason. 192 tends to be more squawky around the high end whereas 160 usually just sounds dull but bearable......the quality of an mp3 depends on a number of things; mainly the dynamic range of the original tune, what program made it, and where the original audio is from - vinyl, cd or whatever. Although I'm not a huge fan, I'm not completely against mp3s. They're convenient & they do have their place. I have some mp3s for example that sound better than my vinyl copy, for one reason or another.

Aaaanyway, enough mp3 related ramblings, back to life, back to disco. I heard Music Colours by Cellophane in a mix a while back but didn't know who it was. Luckily I found it cowering in a corner of a hard drive recently. There seems to have been 7 groups called Cellophane since 1969. The one featured here were an italo outfit from the early 80's, also known for their song 'Gimme Love' which featured in I-F's 'Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 2' mix cd. Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 1 is absolutely essential listening btw if you need an introduction to italo disco.

Cellophane - Music Colours [Part3]

Music Colours was written by Alessandro Novaga and Giorgio Paganini & was released in 1984 on DID records. For the disco nerds, check out this blog for an interview with Novaga, Casco, Victor Life of Fockewolf 190 & more.

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