Friday, June 19, 2009

Visions Of Tomorrow - Galaxy

I've been having mental dreams recently. Maybe I'm listening to too much wacky stuff like this late at night!

Visions Of Tomorrow - Galaxy

Originally released in 1980 on Future Now Records, Past Due reissued it in 2007. Past Due reissue late 70s / early 80s boogie / funk / disco type stuff on vinyl and cd. Well worth checking out.

"Welcome to our world..."


BOOSHANK said...

If I eat cheese after 9 o'clock I have pretty crazy dreams. I had one a couple of months that I was Indiana Jones' side-kick in 'Indiana Jones and the Golden Motorcycle'. Heavy stuff, let's see what Freud has to say about that.

louis::dublinbusdisco said...

ha ha sounds good :) wish I could remember more of mine