Monday, July 6, 2009

Bronski Beat - Love & Money [Money Monday #1]

I've decided for one reason or another to do away with my monthly payday posts. I will however continue to post tunes about money! I might have sporadic "Money Mondays". We all know money doesn't buy happiness. It does however buy records.

Bronski Beat - Love & Money

I love the eery groove in this. Bronski Beat are of course famously known for their uber-classic 80s gay anthem Smalltown Boy, which features what I consider to be one of the best snare sounds ever created by man. Anybody know what drum machine they used? Letting my gear ignorance show here!

If you haven't seen it check out the video, it's been known to 'pull at the ol' heartstrings'. So I hear anyway, I wouldn't know entin' about sensitivity or any o' dat muck.


Anonymous said...

Linn LM-1 drum machine

DBD said...