Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Junji Masayama - DJ, Producer, Gent

Hi folks. This was 'sposed to be a quick one today as I'm frantically trying to get myself sorted for Airbound, but I've written a fair amount of waffle for yiz this time round. Great, I hear you say...

Junji Masayama is a Japanese dj & producer living in Australia who's recently released on Steve Kotey's Bear Funk & Italian label Pizzico Records. He makes weird and wonderful dance music that's neither disco nor house but is clearly influenced by each, and happens to be remarkably good. He also happens to be an absolute gent. Check out the tune he's kindly given me to post below.

By default all things "nu-" are wack. It's a shame then that Junji's music may be considered nu-disco, which although not all bad, has been on the brink of becoming your boring flatmates' favourite music [replacing electro-house] for a while now. There are a handful of producers making genuine disco influenced dance music today & there are a lot more using the buzz word disco to attract the sheep. There are also a lot of dj's doing "cosmic" mixes or "disco" this, that and the other who haven't the slightest clue what they're on about.

Well Junji does none of these things! You can tell, because the music is good. My point is that Junji's music is genuine and will last a lot lot longer than nu-disco...

Junji Masayama - Sponge Feet [Bear Funk]

Moving on.. August marks ONE FULL YEAR of tunes and waffle on Dublin Bus Disco, can you believe it? It also marks 93 years of my life, which I'll be celebrating while away in Croatia. On my return to the Emerald Isle, I'll be posting a very special guestmix from the man himself, Junji Masayama to celebrate a year of "serving the entire community with disco, boogie, house, hip hop, reggae and all the other muck we do be listenin' to, for real." So stay tuned folks, it's a great mix and one we're proud to post on DBD.

If you're the facebook type, join us here, and tell all your mates to too. If you're the Airbound type, catch me spinning from 5-6pm at the Tikki bar on Sunday evening. And finally if you're the records are the best thing ever type, then buy Junji's 12" here.

See all you non-airbounders in a week or so...

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