Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Roy Ayers - Coffy Is The Color

Currently obsessed with this song. Wish it was longer. After a long stressful day, listen to this on repeat in the car on the way home & have a little solo karaoke session to shake off the bad vibes, maaan! Then put it on the stereo as soon as you get home & listen to it on repeat again while you cook up a storm. Repeat until stress free.

Roy Ayers - Coffy Is The Color

I've meant for years to check Roy out properly. He's a vibraphonist, don'tcha know. Believe it or not, the pun above was unintentional when I wrote it. Everybody Loves The Sunshine is a huge favourite, and I'll certainly be pulling me dusty copy out if the sun makes a reappearance here soon.

Coffy Is The Color appears on Roy's soundtrack to the film "Coffy", which I haven't seen & can't comment on. But if the soundtrack is by Roy Ayers it should be enjoyable for da tunes at least in all inanywayz.

Coffy is the color...


gmos said...

he's the man! he's done a lot of cheesy stuff, and some of his albums are a bit patchy, but there's so many gems in his catalogue

I'd recommend checking the Mystic Voyage album

louis::dublinbusdisco said...

nice one G, I'll defo check Mystic Voyage, he has so much stuff I've never known where to start, now I do!

Peter PleasureCruise said...

coffy is a great movie. pam grier is badazz. thank for the track lous!

John Mahon said...

Seen him 3 times now,never dissapoints.
Some amount of energy for an old man