Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Junji Masayama Guestmix & DBD Club Night Coming Soon

Well folks I'm home from Airbound & just about settled back into 'reality'. It was amazing. I can't recommend it enough to everyone. It was a roaring success so there'll hopefully be an Airbound 2010. See you up the front! Anyway, as I mentioned previously Dublin Bus Disco is now ONE YEAR OLD. To celebrate I'm very pleased to share this guestmix Junji Masayama has kindly recorded for us. It's in a disco/boogie stylee. She's nice & chilled out at first but before you know it you've got yer top off & and rocking it solo at the bus stop.

Junji Masayama - DBD Guestmix

Come September DBD will be 'in da club' with our very own night called Discotekin'. It'll be a monthly affair upstairs in the Twisted Pepper here in Dublin, starting Saturday September 12th. The lineup for the first 'un looks like this:

Disco Harry [Revolver - Melbourne]
Louis Scully [Bodytonic]
Chris O'Donohoe [Some Like It Deep]

The music policy is everything and anything as long as it's danceable. Lots of disco, boogie, 80s electro, ACID HOUSE etc.. It's gonna be a great night folks, if you're in Dublin don't miss it! More info soon.

Disco Harry is Junji's dj ing partner in Australia & one of thems there multi-instrumentalists. He's responsible for some of the live instruments played in Junji's wonky disco/house releases. If you've not heard any of Junji's stuff check his Bear Funk release here and his Pizzico Records one here. Keep an eye out for future releases too yo! And to get you in the mood for September check out a mix of Harry's on his myspace.

Junji Masayama - DBD Guestmix Tracklist

1.Gwen McCrea - Funky Sensation
[Unknown Edit]
2.Convertion - Let's Do It
3.Spyce - Do It Rock Steady
4.Debbie Hayes & Universal Robot Band - Let's Get This Thing Together
5.John Gibbs - Get Down With The Jam Band [Joey Negro Edit]
6.Denise Lasalle - I'm So Hot
7.East bound Express way - Never Let Go
8.Cloud One - Don't Let This Rainbow Pass Me By
9.Arlene Evans - Get It Up
10.Masurrati - Super Duper Lovin'
11.Syreeta - Can't Shake Your Love
12.Frisky - You Got Me Dancing
13.Carol LLoyd - Dream Dancer
14.Jupiter Beyond - The River Drive
15.Circle Of Kerr - I'm Flying High
16.Puff - In The Mood

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