Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Club - Hot Summer Nights

I've mentioned this tune up here before, but as it's been such a biggie for me all summer, playing it every chance I get, I thought I'd sort you commuters out with the mp3. Amazing Disco/Boogie from, you guessed it, 1983. Is there anything that year can't do? If you want to own a decent quality copy of it your options are a] spend a fortune on the original 12" or b] buy this masterpiece cd. If vinyl is your only tipple of choice then good luck finding a near mint copy for anything near a reasonable price! I went for the CD.

It's been a while since I got into a song so much, I think I've found another on the same level though. 'Cena Fria' by Ivan. Check it, it's incredible! It's on this Fotonovela 12". Fotonovela is pretty good too albeit fairly cheesy. It was re-edited & put on one of those Disco Deviance 12"s last year, so should be recognisable to many folk.

Love Club - Hot Summer Nights

"It's so warm outside...& you're so warm inside"


Platinum Ray said...

Nice One, Thanks Bud, You're The Best.

louis::dublinbusdisco said...

Ha ha no bother.

pipecock said...

didn't realise this was so hard to find, i have 2 copies and even my little sister has one. all for $5 or less. i love the USA ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi dude ! 25 yo guy from France, i've discovered this track this year on june and it has been my tarck of the summer ! last year it was Angela with "All hung up" and 2010 is love club !

DBD said...

cool man!

that angela tune is great!