Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I-Level - Give Me

I-Level were a British band who released their self-titled debut album in the magic year of '83. The lead single 'Give Me' had been a big club hit in '82, and is arguably their finest 6 minutes on tape. They released 'Minefield' off of their debut LP too & it became a big Paradise Garage tune, though I don't feel it all that much tbh. Their follow up LP 'Shake' came out in '85 & didn't do well commercially, but had some promising stuff on it, notably 'In The River' which has a great dubby bassline but just doesn't reach that 'level' if you'll excuse the pun. I'd love to hear a dub version of it. I've just checked out the b-side of 'Give Me' called '3am (Give Me)' on YouTube, [my copy of the 12" hasn't arrived yet], it's pretty much just an instrumental version/dub with more emphasis on one of the synths & some sampled vocals here & there, it's good stuff though - an alternative to playing the vocal in a club if the vibe didn't fit.

I-Level - Give Me

"Give me what you can't get back" - charming.


DVD said...

Lovely tune!

Even if you don't like 'Minefield' (my fave actually), its worth picking up for a [very early Morales remix] of Give Me on the b-side!

Louis said...

Hmmm, will check that out! Unless you could oblige with a rip? ;)

DVD said...

Can't at the mo.... 40,000 records in a lock-up, with the key held by someone I owe money to :((((((.

should be sorted out soon. will try and remember. if not nudge me (Tangocox) on DJH

Louis said...

that's the best excuse I've ever heard! 40,000 - holy fuck. If you ever need anyone to take them off your hands... ;)

I don't go on DJH all that much anymore, I might again, just all the backslapping annoys me tbh!

Anonymous said...

this 3 am track samples this nugget from Sandy Kerr - thug rock (dub version). check it out!

adamf said...

according to discogs
Give Me
(Absolutely Ultimate American I-Level I-Remix)7:49 Remix - John Luongo is the b-side of 'minefield'
this is the US mixes 'official' name
theres a 5.40 [plus mix] and a dub
any more lol