Monday, September 21, 2009

Kool & The Gang - Hi De Hi Hi De Ho Edit

There are currently some DJs who have done some decent re-edits along with woeful original productions, who then try to establish a name for themselves with their edits. I got an email from some crowd a few months ago telling me about their 'debut edit'. The words 'debut edit' together are beyond disgraceful. An edit is something a DJ does for personal use in his or her sets. "That bit after the second chorus really brings the energy down, I'm going to do an edit & get rid of it" - fine. "If I make this 4 minute song 8 minutes long & beef it up in protools, maybe I can get a name for myself online, or better yet, press up a few copies & make some money too!" - not fine. Of course there are more reasons why an edit should be done, the above is just an example.

This little edit I did below is mostly from the intro of the original. I don't much like the rest of the song at all, but I really like the intro & a few other tiny little bits, so I cut it up, restructured it & sped it up to try make it work as a song in itself. Hope it makes sense to all y'all commuters out there.

Kool & The Gang - Hi De Hi Hi De Ho [dublinbusdisco edit]

Here's the original on YouTube, it's when all the Hi De Hi stuff comes in that my ears stop diggin' it.


Johnny Daniels said...

Just to be clear are you against any and all dj edits that make it to vinyl?

Louis said...

No not at all! I'm against edits that are done for the wrong reasons. I'm also against edits that are simply beefed up versions of the originals, in terms of compressing & eq ing to make it sound more modern.