Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SIDESTEPPIN' this Saturday // James Otis White Jr - Baby Come On

[taken by Nikki Browne @ Discotekken, 12/9/09]

Well Discotekken was a massive success anyway! Thanks to any of you commuters who made it down. It was like how clubbing used to be, a roomful of people going nuts to good music. No checking out each others outfits or any of that muck. Just good tunes & good people. Everyone actually enjoying the music too, fancy that! You all came down good & early as well which was great, the place was really going off by midnight. Photos & hopefully videos to come. If you're on facebook you can check out the Discotekken page, plenty of pics & tings there, and more to come too.

It's been quiet around here the last while as I've been putting my time into the preparation of Discotekken. As a result I've barely posted any tunes in the last month or so. So, here's a boogie classic by James Otis White Jr, 'Baby Come On'. It's been 'blogged' to death already over the last couple of years but I don't see that as any reason not to put it up here. It's a pricey ol' 12".

James Otis White Jr - Baby Come On

It's one of those tunes you leave on repeat & then realise you've been listening to it for half an hour.

And finally, if you haven't danced enough at Danny Wang on Friday, come down to BIA Bar on Saturday night where I'll be spinning a few with Michael McKenna & Peter Cosgrove. Expect Disco, Boogie, some 80s House, and possibly a Tiesto classic or two. And it's FREE in.

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Zach said...

This track's a killer! Nice post!