Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ben Liebrand Edit // Discotekken this Sat [Cheap Guestlist]

I've been trying to get this darneded post up all week. Time management is not something I've ever had a particular flair with. Getting my night Discotekken together has mostly happened in my head for the last 3 weeks, and in reality for the last week. Hopefully a shift will occur in the coming months.

So if you're the dancing kind, come down to the Twisted Pepper on Saturday night for Discotekken. The lineup looks a little something like this...

Gerry Molumby [Beatfinder Records]
Louis Scully [DBD/Discotekken/Bodytonic]
Chris O'Donohoe [Discotekken]

Gerry will be playing an all original DISCO 12" SET, with the slightest possibility of some microphone action, if the time is right!

Sign your name on the e6 list if you're coming down.

Now once upon a time, in 1983, Ben Liebrand sat in a music studio with a load of reel to reel tapes cutting up tunes & sticking them back together to make one long continuous 'mix', which would then be aired on de radio. And what a mix it turned out to be. How could he go wrong in fairness, it was 1983. One particular edit he did for the mix is quite an exciting piece of music indeed. Taking the acapella rap from 'Sucker DJ's' by Dimples D and overlapping it with a loop from the intro of 'I Like Chopin' by Gazebo [otherwise a nauseatingly bad song] Ben made a minute & a half of pure gold, so he did, so he did. But a minute and a half wasn't enough to satisfy Louis Scully, 26 years later. No siree. Louis wanted more. So Louis sat in his studio & completed a very similar process to Ben, albeit much easier & less time consuming, due to the technology he had available to him. The result is simply what Ben did in 1983 except twice as long & with a little reverb here & there to smooth things out. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. DJs be warned, this little edit was done from a 128 kbit mp3 file, & then re-encoded @ 320. So it is NOT club standard. It will sound tinny as bejaysus if you try to play it out.

Gazebo vs Dimples D - I Like Sucker DJs [Ben Liebrand/DBD Edit]

"...see to be a dj you gotta do your best, have your own kinda style not like the rest, no jumpin up & down, spinnin with your feet, cos the music that ya play has to be on beat - Dimples D, 1983..."

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