Monday, November 30, 2009

Paris // Betino's // Blue Magic

I was in Paris recently wit de missus on a last minute thing, to get outa the house y'know.. After going up the eiffeler, checkin' out de lewiv, sayin' howarye to Mona and checkin' out de resta de art, there wasn't a whole lot of time left over for much of the ol' record shopping [I was a stand in companion availing of free flights & hotel so couldn't really call the shots].

I did however manage an hour in Betino's on Rue St. Sebastien in the last few hours of the last day. It's one of the best record shops I've ever been in. Not that it's particularly big, cos it ain't, it's just full of top quality records. The first section I came across was Chicago House, always a good sign, then Detroit Techno, then a section for early Rap & 80s Electro...disco disco where's the focking disco for the lads..well I soon came across it & let me tell you this; it has a sub section for Patrick Adams productions, a Westend section, a Larry Levan section, you see where I'm going here..the things that dreams are made of. Now the records ain't cheap but they are good. Having said that I didn't have a proper root so there could be bargains galore, I didn't get that impression though. The fella who served me, Betino I think, knocked a few quid off the total too so my purchases were reasonable enough.

I picked up a copy of 'Every Way But Loose' by Plunky & the Oneness Of Juju which I haven't stopped playing since. Very versatile record that, the original anyway. I also picked up a 12" by a group called Blue Magic. I wasn't familiar with them before then, and after some quick research it seems to be one of the only good records they've put out, although I stand to be corrected on that if anyone knows any better. The output from the earlier part of their career seems to be nout but wishy washy muck. Their tune 'Welcome To The Club' is their other dacent number on a deep disco tip & got re-edited in 1999 by Black Science Orchestra [Ashley Beedle + mates] & put out on Strut, before it's death & recent return to form [and what a return that's been!]. The edit may be recognisable to some folk from mixes back then. I'm pretty sure it's on someones Essential Mix or Breezeblock.

Luckily for Blue Magic something happened on NYE 1982, when at the stroke of midnight every musician in the world [or in the US & Europe anyway] had their sense of groove mysteriously heightened. This lasted for the next 365 days. Music production also reached an all time high. Not surprisingly this is when Blue Magic released their best record, in 1983.

Blue Magic - b - Clean Up Your Act
Blue Magic - a - See Through

'Clean Up Your Act' is the B-Side & 'See Through' is the A, I prefer the B. Ironically they were carrying out the title of the B-Side by releasing it. Neither are life changing tunes really, just nice soulful boogie numbers with immaculate production. Hope you like.

And make sure to check out Betino's if you're ever diggin' in Paree.


PleasureCruise said...

nice, informative post. fix those links!!!!! LoL.

DBD said...

Cheers man, the links are fixed!

The first batch of mp3s I made from the wavs were exported at a different sampling rate than they were recorded at, and turned out pitched up like 15% or something. I think that's what happened anyway...

PleasureCruise said...

'clean up your act' is great. definitely worth the wait! great sound quality too. thanks!

Zach said...

Blue Magic is great! I'm sure you've probably dove into some Delfonics, but if not be sure to check this jam.