Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shane O'Meara Guestmix Yo

Shane O'Meara kindly mixed this for us way back at the end of September, and for one reason or another it's only made it's way up here now - sorry it's taken so long Shane! It's an excellent mix that covers most of my favourite genres nicely, some 70s disco, electro, p-funk & early rap, and with some recent bits thrown in too sure hasn't it been on all sorts of mad rotation here in the DBD Towers the last while! In fact I dig it so much I used it as one of the free CDs given away at the last Discotekken. It's the first of a kind for Shane, who's mixes are usually on a more italo / house / techno tip.

Shane has been a big vinyl enthusiast since he was a wee lad of 14, before he even had his first set of decks. He ain't too fond of this here digital DJing technology either.."I’ve always played records and always will. If new music stopped coming out on vinyl, I’d search harder for older tunes rather than go digital." Shane recorded this on his minidisc player, which will only record 55 minutes worth [ah the trusty minidisc, I remember it well!], this is why it gets a little hectic towards the end. Well I infinitely prefer a mix that's a little rough around the edges than an impossibly smooth, emotionless, squeeky clean thing that's been put together on a computer. Fo muthaf***in' sho!

Now, I've been a Chemical Brothers hater for a good 5 years or so roysh [having previously been into them a bit], due to the excessive blandness they've been squeezing into their productions & passing off as music in the latter part of their career. They do however have some decent stuff from their early days, I find it somewhat painful to admit. Shane has brought this to my attention with the inclusion of 'Lost In The K-Hole', which stands the test of time, and will continue to do so I reckons. It's funny bacause I owned the album it's on when it first came out on CD, & I now own it on vinyl having been given it for nothing, but I haven't paid it much attention for years being under the impression that I hated pretty much all of their stuff. This is one of the things a good DJ will do, remind you of a song or group that you've either forgotten about or gone off, or better yet, make you like something you thought you didn't. I was pretty surprised when I checked the tracklist to find the tune I knew so well & was digging was the Chemical Brothers - of all people!
The inclusion of 'Love In Indigo' by Escort did a similar thing to me. I bought the 12 when it came out & remember ranting to anyone who would listen about this great new group from NY, only to find myself sick of their tunes after a short while. Well cheers Shane for reminding me of not one but two great records I already own! I'm now a proud owner of the Play At Your Own Risk 12 too, after hearing it in here.

Shane will be manning the ones & twos at Discotekken on Jan 16th. We'll likely be opening from 9pm with Eoin Cody spinning early on, more info closer the time yo.

Shane O'Meara - Slipmats, Crackles and Poppers

De list:

1. Solo Sound – Get The Party Jumpin’
2. Parliament – Flashlight
3. Gil Scott-Heron – Re-Ron
4. Chemical Brothers – Lost In The K-Hole
5. Elitechnique – Munich Emotions
6. Tele-Music – Disco Free [Woolf & Shady Re-Rub]
7. Mark Hype & Jim Dunloop – The Mexican
8. Santa Esmeralda – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
9. Kutiman – No Groove Where I Come From
10. Hydroponic Sound System – Lone Star Uprising
11. Escort – Love In Indigo
12. Sparque – Let’s Go Dancing
13. Paradise Express – Reverend Lee
14. Hot Blood – Baby Frankie Stein
15. Cro-Magnon – Beyond The Summer
16. Giorgio Moroder – Rotwang’s Party
17. The Deele – Material Thangz
18. Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk
19. The Bar-Kays – Do It [Let Me See You Shake]
20. Putting On The Ritz – Ain’t No Doubt About It
21. Taana Gardener – When You Touch Me [Larry Levan Mix]
22. Paradise Express – Dance
23. CJ & Co – Sure Can’t Go To The Moon

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