Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chill Fac-Torr - Round 'N' Round [DBD Simple Edit]

I picked this up recently in Beatfinder here in Dublin for a fiver. What attracted me to it initially was the label it's on, Philly World Records, which originally put out the Paradise Garage classic 'The Voice Of Q' as well as lots of other good stuff. The vocal version on the A is pretty wack - the instrumental on the flip is where it's at. Both versions have two really dodgy sections that I feel take away from the song as a whole, so I cut 'em out of the instrumental with a really simple edit. I can recommend EQing this & making funny faces. Try EQing it & not making funny faces!

Chill Fac-Tor - Round 'N' Round [DBD Simple Edit]

Swing / Electronic Disco from '83 - strange but true.

It's cheap as chips on discogs, so it is.

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