Saturday, February 20, 2010

Disco2ChipYourTooth2 Improv Mix

Here's a mix I recorded the other day having been starved of a set of working decks for over a month. I didn't plan past the second track, which is fairly noticeable, as I was primarily just getting a feel for all the new records I've bought over the last while. It's particularly noticeable when one of the Trax records runs out quicker than I expected it to & I just bang the next one (which is way faster) in on the first beat. Ah well it's still an hours worth of tunes to listen to innit. The pic above is the result of my tooth meeting my friends pint glass (in friendly terms) the night of Dam-Funk in the Twisted Pepper a couple of months ago. The sacrifices you make in the name of drink wha...

Louis Scully - Disco2MakeAcid2 - on

Switch - Keeping Secrets (Total Experience)
Charanga '76 - Music Trance (Strut RE)
Rinder & Lewis - Lust (Family Recordings RE)
Ray Carless - Tarantula Walk (Ensign Records)
Jellybean - Jingo [26th Street Mix] (Chrysalis)
Rick James - Sweet & Sexy Thing (Motown)
Sweet Tee - Let's Dance (Profile Records)
Hula - 70th & King Drive (Trax)
James "Jack Rabbitt" feat. Pam White - Let Us Have Love (Trax)
Sound Stream - Let's Break (Sound Stream)
Chantal Curtis - Get Another Love (Members Only Edit)
B.T. Express - Energy To Burn (Harmless RE)
Mikki - Itching For Love [M+M Mix / John Morales Re-Edit] (Strut RE)

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