Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Claudio Simonetti Edit

Claudio Simonetti; supposedly one of the founders of Italo Disco & composer extraordinaire is mostly known for his work on Italo hits, horror film soundtracks and as the keyboard player in 70s progressive rock outfit Goblin. One of Italy's finest musical exports by my reckons, the man is responsible for a tonne of great music.

Claudio Simonetti - Demons (Disco Beard Evil Edit)

Check out this edit done by Cork boy The Niallist a couple of years ago. I've already mentioned the edit LP it was released on here before, it's deleted now but I'm sure if you scour the web you'll find it somewhere. Plenty more good 'uns on it fo sho. The only drawback with this one is it's encoded at 96kbbps.. boo-urns. Here's Nialls' message re the whole disco edit thing, "Unlike many of the other disco re-edit "acts" and labels DISCO BEARD are not trying to make a snidey profit from music that is not theirs - that is why they give all their re-edits away FOR FREE.

As a matter of principle all tracks are named and credited to the original artists - we don't take no undue credit round these parts, and we also believe that if music is good then the people should know about it!"

Fo real.


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