Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Re:Post - Chantal Curtis - Get Another Love x 3

I just posted these 3 versions of the amazing 'Get Another Love' by Chantal Curtis over on the 12 blog yo. The original, an edit & a housed up version.

Chantal Curtis - Get Another Love [Original]
Chantal Curtis - Get Another Love [Members Only Edit]
DJ Jacq - Loop Jacq

Get on it!


alex said...

absolutely LOVE this tune - thanks for this. i've just got the members only edit 12" which has no info on the label so i wasn't even sure who the original was by!
danny wang played it at airbound n all

Louis said...

no worries Alex, yep that's the thing about those members only edits. I actually hate that edit now, just really gone off it. Members Only edits are funny, always sound great on first listen but of the 3 or 4 I have, I NEVER play any of them out

it'salex said...

classy stuff. thanks. you inspired me to track down and buy this record. does she have any other good material?

Louis said...

cheers alex always good to here someone went and bought the record after finding it here, that's the point.. re other material she has a mini lp thing with a handful of other songs, all quite long like 7 / 8 mins, but I haven't heard em so I dunno what they're like.. her other 12" single Hit Man has some really nice bass synth action, but lots of iffy parts too like a stray mouth organ that really doesn't work.. it's ripe for an edit actually