Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to promote yourself in Ireland if you're a sham DJ

Skatter posted this recently over on the ever cheery emi. Bang on stuff - we've all received one of these in our inboxes over the last few years!

"....2006 is looming large for [insert name here]. Not limiting himself to one style this [young maverick/established legend, delete where appropriate] has already wowed audiences all over [insert placename here] with his [hard/funky/minimal, pick one of these] style which fuses elements of [pick a genre], [pick a second genre] but never straying too far from his [pick another genre] roots.

With a forthcoming remix on [some small label nobody's heard of before], being charted by the likes of [Dave Clarke/Andy Weatherall/Tiesto, pick one of these] and getting airplay on [some random BBC radio station], make no mistake, [insert name here] has arrived!"

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