Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Space Dimension Controller

One part Dmx Krew, one part Dam-Funk & one part AFX's analord releases (but still maintaining a sound all of his own), SDC's tunes blew me away the first time I heard them back in January. He granted me permission to post some of them up here, and since then I've been meaning to. For one reason or another I have not, and now that I finally am getting it done, it may appear to be more of a promo post for his gig here on Saturday. Well it's not....entirely.... These tunes need to be listened to yo! The craic is he's a 20 yr old producer from Belfast who makes all his tunes on analogue gear. Wowsers you say. Well the tunes can do the talking then. The following are some choice moments from his album 'Unidentified Flying Oscillator', the entirety of which you can download for free HERE if you likey.

Space Dimension Controller - Galactic Effector

Space Dimension Controller - SH-8040
Space Dimension Controller - Space Dimension Controller

He's also got a tonne of stuff on his soundcloud page, below are some choice moments from it;

Space Dimension Controller - Pelican Coaster

SDC, AD Bourke & B. Bravo - Rubber Foot Funk
Space Dimension Controller - Hazeygalacticwonkafunk

He's getting all sorts of crazy praise at the moment from RA & FACT magazine among others, and with releases pending on Clone & R&S Records, this young gun looks to have a pretty bright future indeed. He plays Fabric and Sonar during the summer, and warms up for Theo Parrish at Solar in August, but before all that he plays Discotekken this Saturday in the Twisted Pepper Mezz! It's only 6 billz in if you sign the concession list here, or if you click attending on Facebook.

Happy listening & see you on Saturday (if you've any sense!).

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