Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Angie Stone - I Wanna Thank Ya

After years of having files of her stuff on various computers & hard drives I've finally got around to firing up the ol' winamp & checking me out some Angie Stone, proper like. This har number is from her album 'Stone Love' which came out in 2004 & features a fairly well known chap by the name of Snoop Dogg. She's one of these contemporary soul singers who you may disregard as mott-pop on first listen, but if you give her a chance you realise she's nae tae bad lieek.

Angie Stone - I Wanna Thank Ya ft. Snoop Dogg

She's sung backing vocals, played sax & written a whole heap a stuff over the years, most notably co-writing D'Angelo's first two albums. She also had a baba for him. Fair play.


T-Bird said...

sorry to seem like the resident angie stone-geek, but you might also find it interesting to know that she was in an old school hiphop group called "the sequence." they were all-female and their big hit was "funk you up" which was "sort of" covered by erykah badu a few years ago as "love of my life, worldwide" featuring angie and queen latifah. in the sequence ms. stone was known as "angie b."

T-Bird said...

whoops. forgot to mention they were also on sugarhill. any good retrospective comp will have "funk you up" on it. also, on "still the joint" (sugarhill remix compilation) they get remixed by deckwrecka ("simon says") and two lone swordsmen ("funk you up.")