Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dorothy Ashby - Come Live With Me Edit

Here's a simple edit I did of this stunningly beautiful Dorothy Ashby number "Come Live With Me". You can find it on her 1968 LP Afro-Harping, which was produced by Richard Evans. It could pass as a '90s instrumental hip-hop tune on Ninja Tune if you ask me, which is pretty damn cool. She's been sampled by some hip-hop heads already, but to my knowledge nobody has sampled this, which is odd.

The edit is more or less just the original looped once, with a couple of fades here and there to smooth things over. The original is 2:35 whereas this version clocks in at 4:50. The main edit point is annoyingly noticeable to me, I hope it's not for you.

Dorothy Ashby was the first jazz harpist to record as a leader, which she did in the '50s. I'm not gonna pretend to know a great deal about her, or indeed jazz as a whole for that matter, as I borrowed this LP off my sister having never heard of her previously.

This podcast I've just found looks dacent, it's about Ashby, Alice Coltrane & Carol Robbins - all master jazz harpists. I can feel an obsession coming on!

Dorothy Ashby - Come Live With Me (dublinbusdisco extended edit)

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T-Bird said...

angie stone sampled it:
(catchy title, eh?)