Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sneak Thief launches ItchyClips

I received the following mail last night. Can't say it'd be something I'd be interested in myself for DJing, though maybe in the future for remixing or summat. It's basically an online digital music retail service that sells songs in their individual track parts, eg each drum track, synth track etc seperate.

"As an independent record label or recording artist you have probably seen your record sale profits declining, with online sales failing to fill the gap completely. ItchyClips.com was started by respected producer, live performer and label owner Stewart Walker with fellow producer and live performer Michel Morin (AKA Sneak Thief), their idea was to create an online music store which allows artists to buy and sell songs broken into their most basic parts. The samples within each pack can then be performed in a new context in a live show (with the remarkable ability to focus on only the sounds you like), or the sounds can be recycled into new compositions by new producers.

For now, ItchyClips wants you to think of them not only as a hedge against declining sales, but also as a unique opportunity to monetize the changing nature of the music business. Where there was once the song/record/MP3 to be played from beginning to end every time, ItchyClips offers producers and DJs an unprecedented level of control. Advancing beyond the DJ Kool Herc technique of rocking doubles to extend the vibe, now you can simply choose the element you like from a track and let it play endlessly, as the audience's spirit dictates. Financially, ItchyClips is confident that the talented artists who promote their Scratchpacks will begin to look at the arrangement as a future investment in to their business' health and longevity. You are part of a group of select artists and labels and as such will actually feel some benefit from the aggressive marketing and newsletter campaigns planned by ItchyClips in the future.

We realize that many producers and labels are busy with touring and promotion to re-package their original songs into our specific format. Therefore, we have decided to offer in-house processing for your multi-track masters at an hourly rate, which will only be charged against future royalties. A word about formats: While ItchyClips is beginning with the Ableton Live platform, we have assembled a team of encoders to assist conversion to other formats available including Apple Loops, Kontakt samples, and REX files as the market dictates. We want to have as much support as necessary so everybody can use your music!

“I've been playing live for 13 years always processing my own material in this way but I really hated the weeks of labor required to process all of the materials into live-ready format and I've often wished that I could just pop down to the record shop, spend 20 bucks, and get four new tracks for the weekend. When the APC-40 came out, I thought it set a potential standard for the first time because it seems that everybody wanted that or the Launchpad and live shows needed just a touch of standardization in order to really propagate” - Stewart Walker on why he started ItchyClips."

Watch some promo videos HERE & HERE if that sounds up your strasse.

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