Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tune ID from Ron Hardy Mix

THIS TUNE is from THIS MIX seemingly recorded live at the Music Box by the late, great Ron Hardy. Can anyone ID it? Female vocals go "did you ever see your lucky starship dancing?".

Answers in a mail or comment. First person to answer correctly gets a pat on the back & maybe more..


pipecock said...

this is an easy one, it's Parlet's "Pleasure Principle" available only on a Casablanca LP. they were a Parliament related project. i do also have a Sadar edit of this on Chicken Wing Edits 12" as well, but the sound quality on there is kinda horrible.

oh and if you don't know, for RH mixes this is a great resource:

Louis said...

cheers pipecock, asked quite a few peeps & nobody recognised it. big up.

yep gridface is great, cheers guv.

Baby Grandpa said...

Well, there you have it! Good to know you were finally able to pick up the original Parlet album up on my blog!