Monday, August 23, 2010

Chris O'Donohoe - Discotekken August Mix ++ the infos

Inspector Chris; the taller side of Discotekken, has recorded this no nonsense disco / house / boogie / soul / electro mix to show any of ye messers who for whatever reason haven't made it down to a Discotekken yet what can be expected on a Discotekken dancefloor. It's by no means definitive, I don't even really know myself what you could call a definitive Discotekken mix, but it's a good indication towards of the kind of shtick we spin down Twisted Pepper way once a month. It tends to make for a pretty raucous atmosphere.

1. Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew - Willie Rap
2. Firefly - Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side)
3. Jesse Henderson - I Did It Again
4. Vera - Don't You Want My Love (Instrumental)
5. Fonda Rae - Heobah (Hey-O-Bah) (Long Vocal Version)
6. Connie - Experience (Dub Version)
7. Dolos - Night So Right (Club Mix)
8. Shay Jones - Are You Gonna Be There (Hurley's House Mix)
9. Lil Louis - Club Lonely (Not On The List Inst. Mix)
10. Noni - Be My Friend (Red Heels Mix)
11. Omni - Body Groove (Dub Mix)
12. Weeks & Co. - Knock, Knock (Instrumental)
13. Stargaze - You Can't Have It
14. Voyage - Souvenirs
15. Dee D. Jackson - Automatic Lover (The Innovative Mix)
16. Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Club Mix)

Totally Dublin have been saying nice things about us recently, here's a wee Discotekken feature from this month's issue & here's a wee preview of the upcoming birthday bash in September.

The next few lineups look like this:

I-F (Clone / Viewlexx / Unit Moebius) / September 11th / Twisted Pepper Basement

Presale tix are 8EUR, & it's 10 on the door.

TR-One, David Kitt & Louis Scully / October 9th / Twisted Pepper Basement

+++ lots more exciting announcements - so stay tuned & tell yer friends!

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