Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8 minutes of Bump

Here's a quick edit I did of Mr Bump Man by Jackey Beavors. The original is criminally short, clocking in at a mere 2:30 mins. I don't have it on wax (yet), so I did the edit from an mp3 I bought on itunes. So don't play it out!

Theo Parrish has given this the snip too & plays it out a lot, I'd love to get a copy of his version. There's currently a copy of the 45 on discogs, but it's graded VG and costs £9. Think I'll wait. It's on this too which I might pick up at some stage. There only seems to have been a "Jackey Beavers - Mr Bump Man part II" released on vinyl, so part one must exist out there on a reel of tape somewhere! A man can dream..

Jackey Beavers - Mr Bump Man (Dublin Bus Disco Edit)

The copy on soundcloud is a wav, if you want a smaller inferior sounding copy to d/l, here's an mp3:

Jackey Beavers - Mr Bump Man (Dublin Bus Disco Edit)

And if you come across a full quality vinyl rip, or a copy of the record itself, let me know!


Myles said...

Just chanced on your page. Thought you might like this.

Walter Gibbons edit...

Louis said...

hmm thanks miles, it's a lot slower, maybe it's edited from part 1 which doesn't seem to have been released, or maybe it's a prank done it abelton! ;)

Myles said...

Rahaan on it now :)


Anonymous said...

It's also on "Funk Essentials", a 4-disc compilation (Beechwood 2000, licensed from Charly) that is mind-boggling good.

Louis said...

sweet, thanks for the tip Lyle.